Gamepad Support and Nintendo Switch Version (v1.2.1)

Just released an update that fixes several issues with the HTML5 version and adds support for controllers.

But wait, that's not it! You can also now play Crashlanded on your Nintendo Switch! All you need is a digital copy of Undertale from Switch eShop. From there simply get Atmosphere running then replace the file in "atmosphere/titles/010080B00AD66000/romfs" using LayeredFS.

If you have no idea what anything I said means then maybe you shouldn't even try it because there's a HUGE risk of getting your Switch banned. So only attempt this if you have prior Switch hacking experience or if you have really big balls.

Here's some footage of it, huge thanks to ChocolateJake for testing and recording it for me. (The footage is from an early version of the game that doesn't have Switch button prompts.)


HTML5 Build Play in browser
Sep 28, 2018
Windows Build 5 MB
Sep 28, 2018
Nintendo Switch Build (Check the latest devlog!) 3 MB
Sep 28, 2018

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