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Was this game made in gamemaker 

I saw your game come up for it

I love this game

Quite possibly one of the games ever made

best game ever

are there some games like this on android

(this game is great and i just want to play it when im not in home)

Was this inspired by SpeedX 3D?


not really

Great game, a very valuable twist on the Tempest-like tube shooting genre. I hope you keep up the good work!

Thank you!!


so simple and well crafted. great job. stylish

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How many sections are there? I'm on 26 at the moment. Btw ur game is really good, thanks for making it!

It goes on forever, though at the point where the skins start to repeat it just recycles old content. I actually don't remember how many skins there were though, so you'll have to play the game more to find it out.

Oh, and you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Also, is there names for all the enemies? I actually want to make content on Operius

Edit: I think there are 32 skins cause 33 is just a reskin of Sector 1

I was out of the city but just checked and yeah, there are 32 skins.

As for the enemy names:

  • UFO
  • Cube
  • Twister (Though initially called "Swirl")
  • Invader

And for the bosses:

  • UFO Boss (I never gave this one a proper name beyond "Boss")
  • Mother Invader

what do they look like

Why did the 'Operius.exe' got blocked by Windows Defender SmartScreen? 

A very good game though

SmartScreen blocks pretty much everything that's not "trusted", so it's essentially a whitelist. Most other indie games you'd download online would get blocked by it as well.

But i remembered when i play in 1.1.2 it didn't get blocked by SmartScreen


Welcome to Windows

I Know How To Get Past Smart Screen, But What Is This?

Pls Help Me

Unzip all the files

what? uhh oh, i know now.

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Great game!

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get past the spiral enemies in sector 6, how to avoid getting hit? The only option I see is using the shield from sector 5.

After many many tries I cleared sector 6 with pure luck. The spiral enemies seem a bit too hard compared to all previous enemies imo.

I noticed in Arcade you can keep scoring in a sector if you miss the last ring. Perhaps it would be better if you stop scoring once you've missed one to prevent milking early sectors for points.

Since it's hard to survive for many sectors in a run starting from sector 1 it be might fun to have a separate leaderboard where you can continue your sector's best score.

I noticed you can easily clear sector 9 by keeping the boss at the top without hitting him.

For the spiral enemies there is a pattern to figure out, it's just a rather confusing one, but that's on purpose. One thing to keep in mind is that they always spawn in front of you, so once you find the safe spot you can abuse it every time.

As for milking early sectors for points, that is intentional. With later sectors the game gets more difficult, but you also earn points much much faster. Not to mention that the score you earn gets multiplied more sectors you cross, which is also kept track of.

Ignoring the sector 9 boss is also intentional. Defeating bosses give you a lot of points and a shield so there is an incentive to defeat them, but if you really want you can just focus on the rings and skip the sector without even defeating them.

Thanks, I'll see if I can figure out the spirals.

The games I usually play always have some kind of countermeasures against milking, that's why to me it seems odd but so be it :)

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was this made in game maker studio?

I think it was because of the icon, please correct me if I am wrong.

Yep, it was!


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The game is very good. it has simple but stylish graphics. the gameplay is simple but addictive. And In general, the game is very well done. Glad you won the opera GX jam.


Love it. Reminds me of Gyruss!
Congrats on the Opera GX Jam trophy.

The is awesome


Just played it on Opera GX, it's so cool! Great job Mors!


played it on Opera GX. Just only realized it's also on but now I have no idea how to access it on Opera GX again..

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Type "opera:operius" on the searchbar (without the quotes).

just turn off ur internet

turn off your wifi to play operius

Amazing game thanks you for making this

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME. It's short and simple and doesn't put a load on my laptop sooo it's perfect for me. Thanks for making this!


Nice and simple. I enjoyed this!