If the HTML5 version is running slow, try opening the game on an incognito tab. You can also try downloading the Windows version.
Also, on some computers holding Up+Left with a keyboard doesn't work. Try using WASD in that case.

Grapple Tongue is a platformer game made for Ludum Dare 48 by Mors with music and sound effects by CosmicGem. Climb deeper and deeper into the clouds using your tongue as a grappling hook, and find the only thing that can help you achieve your dreams!

The controls for the game are arrow keys/WASD to move and aim, SPACE to lick, and R to restart from the last checkpoint. You can use a controller as well.


v1.1.0 (Post-Jam Update) (29/04/2021):

  • Fixed a ton of bugs.
  • Replaced some of the sound effects.
  • Changed the ending.
  • Added a HUD.
  • Added the Z key and the shoulder buttons as alternate ways to lick.
  • Allowed the use of the right analog stick on controllers for aiming without moving.
  • Added additional visual polish all around.

v1.0.0 (27/04/2021):

  • Initial release!

Ludum Dare Page


Windows Build (Jam Version) 3 MB
Windows Build (Post-Jam Version) 4 MB

Development log


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i got the secret ending in 6 deaths and under 4 minutes, am speed!



This was my second try after missing one of the penguins ( the hidden one).

Sadly there is no alternative ending for getting them all :( Good job on the game!!

Thanks!! There actually is a secret ending for getting all the penguins under 10 deaths.

Oh no, I have to try it again D:


anyways, nice game Mors!


omfg, I am using the post jam version and it’s buggy lmao


If you have encountered a specific glitch you can help by reporting it instead of spamming about it in the comments...


Found another one, is the game this buggy lmao


lmao, just discovered a weird af glitch that sent me upwards through solid ground

Very fun game with a unique mechanic. It does have a big spike in difficulty towards the end but nothing too bad. Cute birbs ahead. 7/10

you litteraly connot grapple left and up, if you try, nothing will happen, making the game impossible to beat. (at least on the web version)

I'm not sure why that happens on some computers, I can't really replicate it myself so I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to fix it 

Maybe try WASD instead?

thx, it works when you use wasd

Good, but glitchy. The web version doesn't seem to work for me, and the exe file crashed when I rode the big block into the sky and the screen faded to white. Nevertheless, the game is quite fun. I like it.


Yeaaaah I didn't have time to squash those bugs unfortunately, I'll be releasing a post-jam version to fix those issues though.

Awesome! I'll be sure to check out the post-jam version whenever it releases.


It should be out now!


Excellent! I've played through it again, and it's a lot of fun. Haven't yet got all the penguins in under 10 deaths yet, but I'll get there eventually. This is my best attempt so far...