Break bricks, solve puzzles, push blocks, hit switches and go through 12 levels that combine tight platforming level design with classic breakout action!

This game was made by Mors and Darkonius Mavakar for the 41st Ludum Dare in 72 hours. It got the 18th place on both "Theme" and "Innovation" categories, and the 24th place in the overall ranking.

Big thanks to CosmicGem for the music and sound effects!


Left and Right: Walk / Move Paddle

Z: Jump / Shoot the Ball

Down: Call Paddle / Headbonk

R: Restart Level

Number Keys: Change Screen Size

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags16-bit, 2D, Arcade, Breakout, GameMaker, Ludum Dare 41
LinksLudum Dare


Windows Build 2 MB

Development log


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Forgive Me

"Combine two incompatible game genres"

in which programming language is this game made? 


GML, as I used GameMaker Studio

thanks for replying 

I like it its a good (and frustrating) game good job

Great game. I love the smooth game play. :)

Oh boy, that was quite a ride... Not just that you managed to create a "Breakout"-jump'n'run, but also the whole level design left me amazed! Each level became more and more difficult, very near to the border to frustration, but it didn't overstep this line. <3 The pixel art is also super cute. :) Quite a challenging and sweet entry for the Ludum Dare 41, that I happily recommended in a little  article on our blog. <3 I also uploaded a short gameplay video of the first four or five levels for anyone, who might be interested in giving it a try. ;> Thank you very much for your work!

Best wishes,