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hard mode should be called anemia mode or hemophilia mode.

I love this, but I wish there was a mode that did away with blood, and just let the game be a really annoying collect-em-all platformer.

Really nice game, though I can't seem to find the last baby...

I wish I could give you some hint on that but I don't remember the map 100%. Did you check all the holes in the middle layer and all the routes that go up?

All the ones i could find, yeah. I guess I could try again and pay attention to any paths i might have missed.


Well, the game looks so adorable that I couldn't bring myself to do anything else than a pacifist run.

So I didn't had a great ifone.

But nicely done.

I loved this

This Is a Verry Hard yet good game.

...also Puc is adorible.

good game but really hard! :O

lol, a gore platformer XD, killing babies & chicken for obtain more blood, if you lose all blood, game over.

i dont understand the double jump bit , im stuck on the screen next to the shop and cant get onto the bouncy block - the double jump doesnt seem to get me high enough ?

You have to do both high jump and double jump.

What Hypernova said. There was also a bug caused by GameMaker that would allow you to double jump just by holding jump, which was unintentional. I've tried to fix that with a workaround so it should be less confusing now.