A downloadable mess

Pyoro U is an unfinished fangame based on Pyoro, where everything that could go wrong during the development did go wrong.

It's made by Mors, McKraken, MiniMacro and Catonator for the MFGG Fangame Jam. Press S to shoot/get your tongue out and  press A to jump in Pyoro 3.

Okay, so what DID go wrong? Glad you asked!

- I knew I'd be too busy this week. But people wanted to see me join, so I caved in when 2 days were left. I needed some help with the art tho, so I looked around and got in contact with the first 2 people offered help. Not the smartest move.

- My plan was to only use the first 3 days. This was one of the biggest reasons why the game didn't end up being finished.

- My first idea was to make a Pyoro based platformer. I decided this idea before the theme was finalized and revealed. This was a bad idea, I should've waited until the jam have officially started.

- I knew the theme a bit before the jam started, as I'm the organizer, but didn't start developing the idea with the theme in mind until the jam started.

- I used an engine I was unfamiliar with, Game Maker Studio 2.3 Beta. This was a bad idea because my goal was to make a somewhat ambitious game.

- I made a platformer engine, which took some time since the workflow in GMS 2.3 is kind of different than what I'm used to, but it wasn't much of an issue.

- I used some "libraries" I wrote that didn't have any previous testing, so they caused some issues. Again, wasn't the best idea.

- I also had to deal with some issues due to the version of GMS I was using being a beta. Again, took a huge risk here, even though it didn't cost me a ton of time overall.

- I changed my idea after half a day. I realized that my concept wasn't the most fun. Therefore most of my former work got scrapped or ended up not getting utilized properly. I think this was actually a good choice, the original idea wouldn't even get this far.

- My new idea was to expand the original minigame, but I couldn't replicate the original as well as I thought I would have, and getting it accurate took more time than I expected. This caused my motivation to drop.

- My new idea ended up barely being what it was supposed to be, which brought my motivation down even more.

- I was nowhere near done after the first 2 days. And since I was busy that week I had to take a 4 day break in the middle of the jam, I could work on the game between my schoolwork if I wanted but I thought that would be too exhausting for me.

- It was hard for me return to the game and have the same level of excitement after my classes for the week ended.

- The game was simply not shaping up to become something I was happy with.

- I also was clearly not gonna make it, and my pace was slow due to my lack of motivation. I forced myself to do work, but it wasn't fun. Even an extension to the jam helped.

- I missed the point. Having FUN. What's the point if you're joining jam and if you're not enjoying yourself. That was my biggest mistake. But I wanted to get something out, since this was my jam.

- And here we are, an unfinished game.

I hope you guys don't repeat my mistakes in your future jams.




PyoroGame.zip 8 MB


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I haven't been on this website in a long but I just HAD to download this.