A downloadable sausage for Windows

Sosig is a 3D platformer where you play as a sausage, who is trying to bring back colors to a mysterious world.

This game is made for the 45th Ludum Dare in 3 days, by Mors and Snarf, with music from Catonator and promotional art from irri!

Playing with a controller is recommended for this game! (But not required.)


So, yeah, you might be wondering how ended up here. Well, it started out as any normal day for a sausage.

I headed to my kitchen to get my apparel, but it appears I ran out of buns!

"Bummer...", I said. As I was getting ready to go to the store, I noticed an indescribable black gateway, right on my kitchen floor.

"Rad!", I exclaimed. But before I knew something was up with it, I got sucked right in!

And now, it is just me, here in this strange world...

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Tags3D, Ludum Dare 45, sausage, Unreal Engine
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Sosig.zip 94 MB
Sosig Low-End.zip 95 MB
Sosig Super Low-End.zip 73 MB


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Needs arrow key movement.

"Bummer", I said. As I was getting ready to go to the store I noticed an indescribable black gateway, right on my kitchen floor.

you missed the chance to say "bunner..."

well, that's a bunner


-Made a Video.

-The Game: 06:36 (The 2nd Game)


Enjoyed it though I will admit I raged at parts of it.


Actually a pretty fun game. I know it was a Ludum Dare, but it'd be super cool to see a longer game made of this. I made a speedrun of the game, as well. All of your projects are bangers, keep it up!


"Speen !" That's a pretty good game ! but really short


Nice game! I was really enjoyed 


Nice to meet you! I'm a fan of your game!

I'm happy to play a great game!

I uploaded a play video on YouTube.
from Japan. I'm sorry if the translation is strange.




Hey, I streamed this game on twitch after a friend who did a blind race with it recommended it and I archived the video on YouTube. I had a great time with it; good stuff! I will definitely send this game off to friends as a recommendation!


Had fun playing this lol,

Only concern was that SteamVR kept starting up when playing


yhey guys the ldiggity here. im a big gamer but this game succ. I have 6,007,752,222 confirmed kills in battlefield 3 and i couldnt make it to the first ketchupp.


Why did you state you Battlefield 3 kills? This game has nothing to do with Battlefield 3, so no body freaking cares about your kill count. Also, the reason why you can't get the ketchup is because you suck at this game, so go back to your dead game and shut-up.

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This game is great; it has tight controls, an interesting main mechanic and a lovable protagonist. I would love to see some polish put on it and have it fleshed out as a full release.

EDIT: why does it start steamVR tho...

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I never thought I would be mad at a sosig, but you sir/madame have proved me wrong.
I did really enjoy this game. It looks good, it has a fun twist to it, it's challenging,and it's overall fun. But from time to time you'd get stuck and frustrated(mostly because im bad at games). I did manage to finish it, kinda my biggest achievement in live thus far, so pretty proud about that :) 

PS.  So sorry about calling you a bad word at the end, frustration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really good work with this :D


I actually didn't notice that this was a LD game until after playing it. It was actually pretty solid for the confines of a game jam! Loved the simple-yet-cool titular character as well as the bumpin' soundtrack. I either suck at platformers or this was surprisingly hard, but I eventually gave up after quite a number of deaths. I think my main point of frustration was just that the checkpoints were far apart. Having to repeat sections a lot wore on me, even though the levels were pretty short. Anyways, nice job for a short jam. Send my regards to the musician, that music really pulled it all together nicely!

Completed it in a single go. Really enjoyed the experience even though I struggled at points. By the end I sure did feel like a Sosig god. It was the perfect balance of difficult to pass but with practice and some trial ad error, each time I was "stuck" it was just a matter of moments. Really great flow.



Made a video

how you get it


i love this


This game is great! It is so much and yet super annoying 🤬 took me far too long to realise the appearing/disappearing platforms 😂 struggle quite a bit with wall jumps too, especially on Level 4 (i think)! Great game tho, looks awesome! 


This game was pretty funny!
The concept alone made me laugh, which is why I decided to download it.

Now, I have to admit that I'm terrible at platformers, and thus did not get very far in the game.. But, for what I have played, I enjoyed it! 
I liked how you have to obtain the bottles/pickles etc before you can continue and how it 'brightens' the world as you do.

The only thing I noticed was that at some moments, it felt like the jump button did not always work. Other than that, no bugs or glitches found (except getting to the sheep behind the wall at the first jump wall, but that one felt intentional).

I also made a little video on my experience, but be prepared to cringe as I suck terribly at platformers, as mentioned before.

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You're supposed to.... wall jump there. Like, it's not hard.....