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  • just a gameplay nothing sus about that right... 

Yes, this game was made for a game jam in 72 hours, unfortunately a few glitches slipped by and I didn't really have the time to fix them.

aha lol i guess u noticed the glitch haha

How did you get the levels to loop like that?

There are some bugs, but it was a lot of fun!

Cool! What asset pack(s) did you use to create this game?

Oops sorry for the late reply, I used some free asset packs as reference for the graphics, but didn't end up using any of them directly.

Cool! Did you remember what they were? Also, the late reply's fine.; at least you replied!

I don't remember honestly, just try looking for free 1 bit sprite packs I guess.

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needs more love

Edit: I found a glitch. If you face away from the end of one side a of platform and jump into the platform at the right place, you teleport to the other side of the platform.

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Had good fun playing to the end twice, on a 100% and 0% collection goals. Seems collecting the yellow dudes has no effect on the weird ending...

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Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to add an alternate ending, there is so much you can do in 72 hours.

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Nice! A Zx Spectrum Wonder Boy style game!


just finished it, it was lovely! also what was up with that ending lol

It's up to interpretation :)


love the sprites and animation! it’s so cute!